Are you an online troll or thought leader?

an internet troll or thought leader

So you have heard of the sheep mentality, of course many of you also know the internet with it’s cookies etc., helps propagate this mentality. To make it simple if you have no anti tracking tools on, if you like looking at cat videos, the content you receive will be customised to CATS alone!!

an internet troll or thought leader

You shall never be directed to dogs or llamas, or any other beautiful animal video that might exist. Of course that is not to say that there aren’t a few rebels around, i.e. those who have a brain that has the capacity to not be bent by the will of their smart gadgets.

Either ways, whatever be your digital interaction behavior be like, I do like this little gadget that Hyper Island have come up with. They describe how our online interactions make up our “filter bubble”. The best though is that, they look at our contributions as well, and help you figure out if you are a troll or a thought leader!!

So do you dare to go down this path of self discovery of your online persona? :-). It seems I am definitely in the “digital echo chamber” (dismayed at myself). Question is does that mean I am going to invest in anti tracking software, or am I going to start training my brain differently.

Now I am in a existential crisis, questioning my non digital interactions as well, like the Realist said, am I becoming just the product of my surroundings!! Jeez that is scaring my free thinking mind!!

online troll or thought leader


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