Infographic: Social Recruiting

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Betterteam a recruiting software company believes that candidate searching is better done through social media. In the infographic below they showcase how you can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to network with potential candidates.

The reasons for why they feel so are backed by stuff that makes sense fairly. Now for starters, not everyone who you might want for a job, will be looking for a job. So they may not see your job listing at all (about 75% according to Betterdream). However, nearly all of them are on social media, so about 80% of employers who used social recruiting, were able to reach the 75% mentioned above!!

They also suggest, it’s important to use hashtags e.g. #jobopening, so even if someone is not following your job, you can still hook them in. They also suggest hosting Q&A’s, it’s like a small networking event, to give info about you, and jobs available. Another thing to do is to display your company ethos. That means if you have a dress in pyjama to office day, showcase it on Instagram. They make your posts personable, and get ‘people’ hooked on to you.

Now there is more, but I figured it’s easier if you just see the infographic yourself, and figure it out.



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