Infographic time: Social media

Content Marketing

So I read this quote from David Bowie that people nowadays have no attention span… which is one of the main reasons why the infographic was created (according to me!!).

Infographic time: Social media

So since we all have attention spans the size of a nucleus I thought, why not tell you a few juicy details, then you might be interested in looking at the infographic!

  • Starting with the good news –¬†companies are continuing to sink more resources in Social Media
  • FB is still top of the pops for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B
  • Big Brands are LOVING apps, like seriously digging it
  • Smaller brands not so much, one feels they are doing the tortoise approach (the real reasons are in the infographic)
  • This one is very painful : Blogging is decling (what will happen to me)
  • Want to know whose SM strategy to copy check out the infographic
  • Now SM usage is not directly proportional to increased engagement (but neither is it inversely – dammit what to do now)
  • Sadly though firms who do get the engagement are like slug worms in responding
  • We still haven’t figured out how to connect SM to money creation and how to read those SM reports

BUT IT STILL WORKS!! If all that did not make sense look at the Infographic:

Social media infographic




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