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MONDAY Morning Antidote

Every Monday morning I feel OMG, the start of one more Marathon week! The week seems to stretch out like a desert. That is when a oasis of humour is most needed, to make me think, I can get through to Friday! So here is this weeks Monday-Mornings-Shit handler, that made me smile, just a tad bit!

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Content Marketing – It is an Ancient Art Form!

The content marketing institute have put together a infographic on the history of content marketing. Down below you can check it out. From Almanacks, Journals, company magazine, in-store radio programs the list is endless. Robert and Joe have come up with so many examples of storytelling from history, though each of them was called differently at the time, and presumably considered a FAD!

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Are you an online troll or thought leader?

Either ways, whatever be your digital interaction behavior be like, I do like this little gadget that Hyper Island have come up with. They describe how our online interactions make up our “filter bubble”. The best though is that, they look at our contributions as well, and help you figure out if you are a troll or a thought leader!!

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Infographic time: Social media

So I read this quote from David Bowie that people nowadays have no attention span… which is one of the main reasons why the infographic was created (according to me!!).

Infographic time: Social media

So since we all have attention spans the size of a nucleus I thought, why not tell you a few juicy details, then you might be interested in looking at the infographic!